The four brands you NEED to be wearing over Rebel Empire

Looking to start off the new year in the coolest gear? Look no further than this succinct guide to the top 5 brands that you need to get in your closet right now. Prepare to look fly…


First up, is this true to its roots, downtown Manhattan, uber-cool label, which is the epitome of New York City skate culture. Going strong now for 18 years, Supreme has continued to churn out amazing clothes that are as groundbreaking in their innovation as they are in their quality and authenticity. They have worked with some of the most influential photographers, musicians and other artists of today’s generation to help the label define its unique attitude and personal identity. A definite fashion stalwart that continues to go from strength to strength keeping its eyes and ears close to the youth culture ground.

You want to get in with the in crowd? Make Supreme part of your wardrobe asap.



Or to give it its proper title, A Bathing Ape.

This Japanese brand has been at the forefront of streetwear fashion since the early 2000’s. It attracted the attention of some of the most relevant rappers out there, like Pharrell, Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne, to name but a few.

Standout clothes for both the boys and the girls, Bape combines fantastic and original fabrics and textures to create one of a kind, fashion forward pieces. They have even tapped into the mini me market, offering rocking gear for the cool kids.

This brand is so popular that it is probably used as inspiration for most other lines out there right now. As they say themselves: “The world has its eyes on A BATHING APE and there is no stopping it…”


Billionaire Boys Club

A serious fashion contender to focus on next on our travels, is the achingly hip Billionaire Boys Club, which was established way back in 2005 through a collaboration between rap star Pharrell and the creator of Bape.

An iconic brand in the streetwear category, the designs are loud, one offs and not for the faint hearted.

Step out of your comfort zone and stand apart from the crowd this year by embracing real streetwear at its best. Similar somewhat to Bape, it has been said, but still this brand stands very much on its own merit.

Billionaire Boys Club also launched a capsule wardrobe late last year to commemorate the anniversary of their NYC flagship store. This exclusive line consisted of their trademark hoodies, t-shirts and sweat-shorts but with a more deluxe feel. It is based on a muted black, grey and white palette so may be a good place to dip your toe in and start building your new streetwise look.

Billionaire Boys Club


A brand leader for over 20 years and shows no signs of slowing down, Stussy is somewhat of a household name when it comes to street wear brands. The key to their longevity is they tend to only produce limited edition pieces and shun over producing.

Living by the words: less is more. They are established worldwide and continue to produce glorious collections each year, keeping in tune with the changing styles of streetwear and its followers. This season is no different, containing some sweet, laidback, strong contenders for your summer wardrobe. This brand is good at what it does and it knows it. Long may it continue to raise the streetwear bar for others. One to get for 2018.


Rebel Empire

Ah, but what about what lies beneath? It’s all good and well to look super cool and fly on the outside but if you don’t have the right underwear…what’s it all for? Now, finally, a streetwear underwear brand has arrived that perfectly complements the white hot brands above.

Introducing... Rebel Empire underwear. Striding into the industry with aplomb in 2015, this line has achieved the ultimate dream and found an untapped niche in the streetwear market.

Well-made, classic, flattering and fashionable pieces. They have listened to the people and created uncomplicated styles that are both comfy, kick ass and not too hard on the purse strings. Plus, they have tried and succeeded to make shopping for underwear an easy and confident process. A true rebel with a cause, this brand will change the face of streetwear forever more #jointhecause

You heard it here first: Rebel Empire…don’t get dressed without it.

And there you have it, all the information you need to know to look as cool as you know you are this coming season. Get out and get shopping….

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