Netflix and Chill

Ah yes indeed, the perfect Friday night in for you and your good lady (or gent!). Now, we are all familiar at this point of what Netflix and Chill stands for, but how about making your night in even more special with the addition of some hot, figure flattering and super sexy underwear from Rebel Empire.

You and your chosen special someone can now kick back and enjoy your evening in whilst looking seriously foxy and uber-cool in the hottest underwear brand around. And the best bit? Rebel Empire is not your usual underwear that is gorgeous to look at but highly uncomfortable to wear, no, this brand has it all – eye catchingly stylish and comfy. Meaning that you can actually relax on a Friday night, getting the loves and binge watching TV without feeling like you have to sit in a certain position and catch the best light in order to make your underwear work for you!

Get ready to watch Netflix and ACTUALLY chill. Rebel Empire line will change the way you view hot underwear. The style revolution has begun.

No matter what your preferred series of choice, Rebel Empire will fit (perfectly!) right in. Perhaps you and your other half are fans of Power: The fast paced crime drama about a New York city club owner who just happens to be a ruthless drug lord on the side. This series takes an in-depth look at the workings of the drug world.

Think of it as Breaking Bad but on the management side of things rather than production.


Starz Originals

Or maybe you are looking for something a bit more highbrow to evoke a lengthy discussion before you move onto more fun activities..! How about The People V. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.

The show is the perfect guilty pleasure as it retells the almost circus-style infamous trial from the mid 90s. This will keep your interest peaked and is the ultimate kick back Friday night viewing.

The People V. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story

20th Television

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will, by now, have heard of Stranger Things and this has to be THE most binge watched series of 2017/2018.

Amazing characters, riveting storylines and seamless nods to the decade that was the ‘80s make this a rollercoaster ride of an evening’s viewing. Prepare to laugh, scream, cry and hide under the cushions….together.

Stranger Things


Finally, you could settle in for a marathon session….and pick Narcos. The unbelievable true story of notorious drug cartel leader, Pablo Escobar.

A ruthless boss, known terrorist, congressman and family man, this series depicts his life from his humble beginnings to his ultimate demise in fascinating detail.



Whatever you decide to watch on your Netflix and chill evening, just make sure you set the scene right before you turn on the TV. Get some drinks, popcorn, a plus one and finally, put on some comfy Rebel Empire underwear and let the binge watching begin!

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