Some choice tunes for your sleepless nights

One of those crazy nights. It’s 3am and for whatever reason, you just don’t feel like sleeping. You may be alone, with a crew or even with that special someone…it doesn’t matter, the point is, you are not in the mood for sleep: you are in the mood to put on some of your favourite tunes and kick back with a beer and a pack o’ smokes.

So, settle into your favourite piece from the Rebel Empire underwear range and hit the play button…

This one: Migos Feat. Drake: Walk it Like I Talk It.

Has to be for those nights in front of the mirror with your rap game face on. In your Rebel Empire gear, a pair of shades and a serious attitude, mime the words and forget about everything else!

Next up, we choose: BlocBoy JB & Drake: Look Alive

Pump up the volume to the max and let the music and the lyrics get right in there. Man, this one is gonna feel GOOD!

Cardi B Feat. 21 Savage - 'Bartier Cardi'

More of a sexy little number this one, to go with your hot little Rebel Empire number! Prepare to feel even hotter while you sing it…

Gotta love a bit of Nicki Minaj on a late night in!

This song is Quality and maybe a good choice if your little 3am disco is not just for one. Hit those beats.


Just a taster of some choice tunes for your sleepless nights. Don’t forget to get your Rebel Empire underwear on before you get your groove on…

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